A brief look at the Ariana slots game

The Ariana slots game features a pretty standard layout with five reels and three symbols each. This game has twenty-five pay lines across its reels. The payouts for the regular pay lines aren’t too large but the real value comes from stacked symbols.

There aren’t any pay line or coin choices to make here. You will have to play every pay line and the total amount of bet is anything from $0.25 to $125 for every spin. The game also has an autoplay feature which lets you play without needing to click every time.

There are a couple of ways in which you can play this slots game. The more common one involves trying to get full stacks of the higher paying symbols on the first reel and the same symbol on every reel. The other way involves their feature game which is explained below.

All you need is some luck and you’ll be able to find at least three starfish scatters on the reels during one of your spins. As soon as this happens, the game will give you 15 free spins at which time the wild symbols get stacked along with other symbols of higher value which makes it even possible to get even more wins.

This is the best time to look for huge payouts since stacked wilds mean the symbol will expand on other reels too. You can hope to win as much as 250 times your spin.

So you see while there aren’t any jackpots on offer per se, there are quite a few major wins on offer. All you need to do is find five scatter symbols which won’t just get you 15 free spins but will also get you a 100x payout on your bet which isn’t too bad for just one spin wouldn’t you say?