A brief look at the Uncharted Seas slot

This is a really cool slot which begins with an opening sequence which is set inside a ship’s cabin. There’s a desk right in the middle of the cabin which is rocking gently with the sea and the camera zooms into the contents of the desk where you will find the title of the slots game. You will also find a list of its features on a small parchment. After this, a map of the high seas opens up over the parchment and even though you may not realise this right away, it is actually going to be the setting of your slot game.

Here, you will notice that the slot is really impressive. The map backdrop has been drawn in a way that doesn’t look out of place at all with land on all four corners, and every corner has an angel that is blowing wind at the seas. The sea takes up almost all of the map and this is where the slots symbols appear even though there are not on regular reels like you would find otherwise. They are just set against the backdrop of the sea.

There are a few animations you will find in the game, especially when it comes to the expanding wilds where you will be able to see a serpent lifting the ship up into the air. This feature will also show you a clip of the stormy seas. This round has a very dark backdrop and there is lightning flashing everywhere.

The soundtrack for the slot is ideal too. It goes a very long way in enhancing the theme.

The slot only has a single scatter symbol that can get you as many as 50 free spins. This is the main reason to play the game. So when are you going to give it a chance? learn more about slot games and their features.