Best Games to Play Aboard Cruise Ships

Ultimately, the one place you can act silly and have the best days of your life is aboard a cruise ship. Whether you’re with your family and friends, or new friends that you met on board, cruise ships present the perfect opportunity to let your hair down and party from port to port. But you and your friends must decide what fun to have. Don’t just sit there and wait to be told what games to play. The following are some of the best cruise ship games you and your friends can play.

The Accent Game

Did you ever want to try speaking in an amusing accent? Find a group of people sitting down or partying, and talk to them while maintaining a funny accent for as long as you can. You can mimic characters from your favourite movie, or even speak with a faux foreign accent. Many people will fall for your trick, and it’ll be even more hilarious when you reveal you were faking the accent the entire time. This one is a sure-fire way to make new friends.

Casino Games

Do you think you have seen all the casino games out there? You haven’t seen anything. There are lots of casino games you can play while cruising from port to port. Head to the cruise ship’s casino to meet other players and show them who’s boss. You can play loads of different games, including the Emperor of the Sea, craps, roulette, blackjack, poker, and more. And if there is internet connection, you can enjoy these games and betting on sports online too whilst relaxing on deck. Checking the Unibet Euro 2020 site might come in handy.

Traditional Scavenger Hunt

Bring out your competitive side on your next vacation by playing scavenger hunt with your party. This is an easy game that works best with large groups of people. You can get all the game items from the ship’s staff or from fellow travellers. The prize could be a souvenir cup, the captain’s hat, or a token from the ship’s casino.