How to Play Shuffleboard Aboard Cruise Ships

If you love cruise ships, you may have noticed that one game that is commonly played aboard these vessels is shuffleboard. Players use long sticks to slide disks across a court that’s painted on deck. Playing shuffleboard is a fun way to spend time outdoors during a cruise.

You may never have heard of shuffleboard unless you live in South Florida, or visit there frequently. That’s where countless retirees indulge themselves with cold drinks while playing the game. Shuffleboard is usually associated with marine traveling, and has been in existence for more than 500 years. It is played in several parts of the world. However, it’s most common aboard cruise ships.

How to Play Shuffleboard

The court, which is usually painted on the promenade deck of the cruise ship, consists of two triangles that point towards each other, with each triangle sitting on the opposite side of the court. There’s a gap of 12 feet between the tips of the court. Many people can play shuffleboard at one time. The game can be played between groups or between individuals.

You score points by sliding the disk on the marked areas of each triangle. Triangles are marked 7, 8, and 10. It’s worth noting that the disks should lie squarely within the boundaries of the scoring area. Disks should not touch the lines for a score to count. Any disk that falls short of the line marking the opposing triangle zone is removed from play. And be careful: if you hit the section marked ‘10-off’ you’ll have 10 points deducted from your score.

Each player or team has four disks to play. Play alternates between the two individuals or two teams. Scoring is done at the end of each round to allow players to knock their opponents’ disks off the highest-scoring positions.